The protest , organised by the Federal Republic of West Papua, is honouring West Papuan political prisoners and calling for their liberation. The purpose of the protest is to demand that the Indonesian government immediately releases all West Papuan Political Prisoners so they can return to Papuan society and reunite with their family members after being separated from their loved ones while locked up in Indonesian prisons. Living in prison for so long is another form of torture for us West Papuans, and many of us have faced this torture under Indonesia. As a former West Papuan political prisoner, I know how difficult it was when I was in an Indonesian jail. Now that I am in Washington D.C, or when I first escaped to Australia in 2006, I have truly appreciated my freedom, but I never forget about my colleagues while they don't have that freedom. Therefore, in the name of justice, truth and freedom, human rights and political rights for the people of West Papua, a free nation of Melanesia, we call to Free all the West Papuan political prisoners, including Forkorus Yaboisembut, the President of Federal Republic of West Papua and Edison Waromi, the Prime Minister of Federal Republic of West Papua & all political prisoners. " Under international law, West Papuan political prisoners are not criminals and they should be release immediately " . Free West Papua, Herman Wainggai Former Political Prisoner Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/HermanWainggai Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herman-Wainggai-Support-Page/166829806813852