Jacob Rumbiak- Herman Wainggai
Outside the parlaiment house in Canberra, Australia

The Indonesian Republic’s top-level intelligence of its special forces (KOPASSUS) held a secret meeting in Manokwari on Friday 27 April 2012 to finalize plans for the kidnapping and assasination of key leaders of the Federated Republic of West Papua.

The leak shows those named for elimination as President Forkorus Yaboisembut and Prime Minister Edison Waromi.  Other listed are Aluis Aso and Sius Ayemi; Hendrik Warmetan, Edison Kendi and Daud Abon from Serui;  Markus Yenu and Billy Auparay from Manokwari.

At its inauguration on 19 October 2011, the Federated Republic of West Papua outlined its intention—and policy—of charging politicians as well as military commanders for war crimes. 

Today on 1 May 2012, in non-violent rallies across the territory, the Republic is demanding concerted action by the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Nations in down-grading the level of Indonesian militarism and governance in West Papua.

Head of Police in Serui Regency, Roycke Harry Langie S.IK MH, refused permission for the Federated Republic of West Papua to hold its rally, even while citing rights under Indonesian regulation No. 9/1998 concerning free speech in public spaces.  

“The Police Commander’s order not only violates Regulation No. 9, but also Article 28 of the Indonesian Constitution 1945” said Jacob Rumbiak. 

The Indonesian government is jammed between the political sophistication of the Papuan Republic and the Australian, American, and British governments fiscal support for its Special Autonomy projects.

Interviews available (English, Indonesian)

Fak Fak         Mr Abner Hegemur, Governor (Bomberai), Federated Republic of West Papua

+ 62 82199029195         

Manokwari     Mr Jack Wanggai, Spokesperson for Prime Minister Waromi

+62 81344302772

Serui            Mr Daud Abon, Governor, Saireri, Federated Republic of West Papua

+ 62  81343368579

Washington    Herman Wainggai, Diplomat, Federated Republic of West Papua:

+ 61 478351369

Australia       Jacob Rumbiak, Foreign Affairs, Federated Republic of West Papua:\

+ 61 (0) 406606966