You are invited to what is perhaps a unique exhibition featuring women of West Papua in their living response to the suppression of human rights and freedom under Indonesian occupation and military brutality over the past fifty years.

The connection for me is my involvement in the land and history of these people since 1977. I lived there with my family and one of my children was born there. I have revisited a number of times, more recently in October last year to be a witness at the Congress in which the people have declared their resistance by forming an independent republic. Those elected in leadership roles at that time are currently in prison and are being tried for treason. Their wives are robbed of their husbands, sons, yet battle on with fierce dignity.

Over the last few years I have been painting some of the dignity and resistance of these women, and also have done a sculpture in limestone. They are mostly portraits and two are referencing some revolutionary paintings in western art tradition. I am earning my crust as a painter these days so they are for sale.

Some receiving this live interstate or overseas - the invitation is for information only, to let you know that something is happening that may encourage you regarding the art and struggle for justice and where it is meeting in this exhibition. If you are interested in purchasing, or know someone who could be, I will publish the artworks after the opening of the exhibition. Just let me know if you can't make it from USA or wherever and I will send you a PDF.

If you can make it to the opening on March 3 it would help for catering for an RSVP to me via this email. Look forward to seeing you there.

Greetings and peace,

Peter Woods