Congress Representatives Arrested on Arrival in Jayapura

Washington, 6 October 2011

Today at 8 am Washington time, I received an email about many West Papuans coming from different places to attend the West Papua National Authority meeting will be held on 8-10 th October 2011 in the capital city of West Papua and West Papuan Peoples Third Congress on 16-19 October at Cenderawasih University.
On 6th October more than 1825 West Papuans arrived in Jayapura on the KM. Sinabung at 6. pm. The WPNA Secretariat at Jayapura confirmed that Marthen Manggaprouw reports that the following 10 representatives out of the 1825 West Papuans who arrived last night were still detained at Police Station in Jayapura:
1.Silas Ayemi
2. Seftinus Kaiway
3. Yoas Yawandare
4. Lewi Arampi
5. Noak Kandipi
6. Yehuda Kandipi
7.Daniel Sakwatorey
8. Obeth Aninam
9. Filep Yawandare
10. Henok Dori

At this time, those friends are still held at the police station in Jayapura. One of them, Silas Ayemi, reported that he was arrested because he kept an invitation letter for attending the West Papuan Congress in addition to having some West Papuan Morning Star flag pictures on his laptop. Indonesian Authorities arrested them without considering their basic human rights.
I hope today that a meeting at US State Department at 2.30pm will help my people in West Papua, and advising Indonesia government to immediately release 10 West Papuan friends to have more democratic space during the West Papuan national meeting in October, rather than Indonesian government continuing to arrest people and damage their life while they work for democracy in West Papua!

For further information contact :
Herman Wainggai , West Papuan National Authority Asia Pacific Foreign Affairs based in Washington DC on +1 202 714 9580