Today, June 10, 2011, West Papuan people are calling for the release of political prisoners being held in various jails throughout West Papua, who continue to be denied their basic human rights and free democratic expression. There is hope that today's peaceful protest in Manokwari will capture the attention of both the Indonesian government and the international community and facilitate the release of these prisoners. At this moment the protestors continue to demand that both the Indonesian government and the international community listen to the voices of all West Papuans participating in the demonstration.

As a former political prisoner myself, I am hoping for the immediate release of my fellow comrades so they may return to West Papuan society where they can exercise their democratic rights and freedom of expression, both of which have been denied to all West Papuans by the Indonesian government.

Due to the fraudalent 1969 "Act of Free Choice", my generation knows only a life of repression and violence perpetrated against us by the Indonesian government. The international community must acknowledge these seemingly perpetual abuses and finally give voice to West Papua's demand for democratic choice and thus self-determination. This can be achieved by a fresh referendum that clearly articulates the will and hopes of the deserved West Papuan people. A mandatory beginning will be the release of West Papua's political prisoners and respect for the democratic rights of all West Papuan people.