Dear Friends

Although, after a hectic long ride from Melbourne to Canberra, everyones' spirit were high and united for the same course which is for the release of all Political Prisoners in various prisons through out West Papua and Indonesia and also for the Independence of West Papua.

Today's demonstration went well as planned.When we arrived at the Indonesian Embassy at 11.00 am,we were assisted and escorted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to the designated area in front of the Indonesian Embassy.
We started by singing couple of West Papua songs before Mr Herman Wainggai made the opening speech on the issue of the West Papuan Political Prisoners being held in various prisons in West Papua and Indonesia and demand the Indonesian Government to release them immediately.
Other activist friends like John Dimara , Ricky Rumbiak and myself also gave speech highlighting continued killings,torture and human rights abuses still being committed in West Papua.

Mr Herman Wainggai made a final speech summarising all the topics raised and gave the official letter to the Indonesian government's representative and was witnessed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

After the demonstration,we came together and had photos taken and officially declared that every month we will have Free West Papua Political Prisoners protest on the second (2nd) week of each month outside the Indonesian Embassy.
We would like to inform you all that on 22nd February,we will have another protest outside the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney.We will advise you on more details of this upcoming event in Sydney in due course.

Please find attached some photos that we would like to share with you all taken today 17th January 2011 during the protest at the Indonesian Embassy.Canberra, Australia.

Thank you.

Struggle and Free West Papua Campaign is still continuing here in Australia.

By Luis W Prai